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Explore the facets of a 5000-year-old civilisation.
Make the most of the surf and the sea.
Re-live K ipling’s Jungle Book.
Let the adrenaline flow
Get in touch with your spirituality.
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India - the very name evokes myriad ideas and conjures a variety of visions of a 5000 year old civilization. She is a vast country of more than one billion inhabitants who follow different religions and cultures. They live in hugely diverse physical surroundings, be it in the mountainous Himalayas, the desert of Rajasthan or the backwaters of Kerala. India is a nation where the modern co-exists with the traditional in complete harmony.



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Capital city Delhi, romantic Rajasthan, Himalayan highs?

Temple towns, soporific backwaters, buzzy Bangalore?

Cultural Kolkata, tea estates, rainforests, mountain mists?

Mega metro Mumbai, desertscapes of Kutch, balmy Goa?




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